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We are able to offer  (wholesale only, ex Kent, UK - minimum order 500 - and subject to availability) a limited range of rootstocks produced in the Loire Valley by Dalival, our main supplier of fruit trees. Rootstocks usually available (for spring planting) are:



For Apple Trees   

  • M9 Pajam® 1 Lancep
  • M9 Pajam® 2 Cepiland
  • M9 Emla
  • M116
  • M111

For Pear Trees

  • Sydo (Quince A)
  • Quince Adams
  • Quince C
  • BA29
  • EMH






The following bar charts indicate approximate vigours for various species of rootstocks. The information used to construct the bar charts has been obtained from nurseries, breeding programmes, and growers' observations. It should be used only as a guide, as different soil types, varieties, and growing systems, can lead to variations in relative vigour.



     Apple rootstock vigour click to enlarge      Pear rootstock vigour click to enlarge     Cherry rootstock vigour click to enlarge      Plum rootstock vigour click to enlarge


Please contact J R BREACH on 01580 891756 for further details       


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