New and used sleepers (click to enlarge)

Bart Desintebin with 1st grade German sleepers (click to enlarge)


We are the agents in the British Isles for the Belgian-based wood supplier DWS Desindo Wood Supply (DWS)


Based in Gent, Belgium, DWS is able to offer a wide-range of new and used railway sleepers. They also have a wide-range of stakes and other wooden garden products - please see other pages on this website; also, please visit



Minimum Order

The usual minimum order is for one full load of approximately 300 sleepers (quantity depends on size of lorry and type/weight of sleepers); however, if two orders can be combined, half loads can be delivered for an additional charge. Please note: full and half loads can be made up using a combination of new and used sleepers, stakes, and garden products.

Availability and Delivery

Availability and delivery times vary according to demand and the time of year,  - please enquire when ordering. A forklift (up to 2 ton lift) is required for unloading.




Due to continuing significant changes in the price of timber, and fluctuating exchange rates, prices may be subject to change at short notice - please check prior to ordering

Please contact J R BREACH on 01580 891756 for details of current prices for delivery to your area.


Direct from DWS Desindo Wood Supply in Belgium, in £’s sterling; terms by arrangement; payment by bank transfer or standard cheque, drawn on a normal UK bank account.



VAT registered traders (who provide their VAT number) will not be charged VAT; otherwise, VAT will be charged at the rate prevailing in Belgium at the time of delivery.



Please note: New regulations affecting the sale and use of creosoted products came into force in June 2003. Further information on EU Directive 2001/90/EC can be found at Enter "creosote regulations" into their search engine; then click on "Creosote and Creosote Treated Wood Fact Sheet". In addition to providing the link to "Directive 2001/90/EC on marketing and use of creosote", the page also deals with some frequently asked questions about creosote, and creosote-treated wood usage.



New Sleepers



(subject to availability)

         Softwood sleepers (click to enlarge)          New oak sleepers (click to enlarge)

Name Ref. No. Approx. size in cms Treated Grade
Oak UK070120 15 x 26 x 250/260 No B
Oak UK070140 13 x 22 x 180 No A
Oak UK070150 13 x 22 x 260 No A
Softwood UK080110 12 x 20 x 240 Yes - green A




Used Sleepers

(subject to availability)

                 1st 2nd grade used  (click to enlarge)                          Crossing timbers (click to enlarge)

Name Ref. No Approx. size in cms. Creosoted Grade
German UK010010 14/15 x 25/26 x 250/260 Yes 1st
German UK010020 14/15 x 25/26 x 250/260 Yes 1st/ 2nd
German UK010030 14/15 x 25/26 x 250/260 Yes 2nd
German UK010040 14/15 x 25/26 x 130 Yes 1st
German UK010050 14/15 x 25/26 x 50 Yes 1st
German UK050010 14/15 x 28/29 x 300-400 Yes 1st
German UK050010 14/15 x 28/29 x 400+ Yes 1st