2.5m No.5 (click to enlarge)

2.5m No.6 stakes (click to enlarge)

2.5m No.5 peeled, pointed and creosoted

2.5m No.6 peeled, pointed and creosoted

We have been pleased to work as agents for DWS Desindo Wood Supply since 1992. DWS, based in Gent, Belgium, is able to offer a wide range of pressure creosoted tree stakes and posts, together with a range of bamboos suitable for intensive post and wire orchard systems.

DWS prides itself on the quality of its stakes and posts, working on the "number quoted is minimum diameter at the thickest point" system, i.e. number 6 stakes (excluding any error) will measure between 6cm and 7cm, at the thickest point, rather than (as with some suppliers) 6cms being the average diameter.

This is most important in ensuring that the correct size of stake is purchased for each particular job, and should be borne in mind when comparing prices with other suppliers.

3m No.9 Posts (click to enlarge)

3.5m No. 10 Posts (click to enlarge)

 3m No.9 posts

   3.5m No.10 posts













DWS stakes are usually delivered on a lorry with crane-offload, however, to reduce costs, and facilitate making-up combined loads (often with another customer's order for railway sleepers), to areas outside of south east England, stakes can be sent on “flat trailers”, provided that the recipient has suitable unloading equipment, e.g. a large forklift or telehandler.



2.74m 22 - 24 diameter bamboo (click to enlarge)

Desindo stake lorry with unloading crane (click to enlarge)

2.74m 22 - 24 diameter bamboo  Desindo stake lorry with unloading crane


DWS is also able to offer  a wide range of garden products - please visit for more details, or contact J R BREACH on 01580 891756





We are able to offer a wide range of galvanised wire products, including those shown below:


For tree guards

50m rolls  600mm x 31mm x 19g galvanised wire netting

50m rolls 600mm  x 31mm x 18g galvanised wire netting

 50m rolls 600mm x 25mm x 19g galvanised wire netting

Lawn-edging shears can be used as a convenient means to cut 50m rolls of 600mm wide galvanised wire netting into approximately 83 pieces measuring 600mm x 600mm.


                 Wire cutting (click to enlarge)                                                       Post and wire system (click to enlarge)

                                  Cutting Wire                                                                                              Post and Wire System

For boundary fencing

50m rolls 1050mm x 31mm x 1.00mm

 50m rolls 1050mm x 31mm x 19g galvanised wire netting

50m rolls 1200mm  x 31mm x 18g galvanised wire netting


For post and wire systems

25kg rolls 2.5mm high tensile galvanised line wire (approx 650m per roll)

25kg rolls 3.15mm high tensile galvanised line wire (approx 410m per roll)




                Staking (click to enlarge)                                                     Planting (click to enlarge)      



The contractors listed below mark out, stake, and plant new orchards. Please make contact direct for further information:

Nick Gaskin,  No.8 Meads Close, Marden, Tonbridge, Kent TN12 9QG Mobile: 07859 889557                                                                                                          

Mike Terry, 66 Courtenay Road, Dunkirk, Nr. Faversham, Kent ME13 9LH. Tel: 01227 752001


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