ABOUT US:   We are a family business, based near Staplehurst, Kent, England. The main areas of activity for J R BREACH are the supply of: fruit trees; rootstocks; stakes; posts; galvanised wire; new and used railway sleepers; garden products; and, Farm Folk Books.


The J R BREACH business was started by John Breach in 1968, and we have dealt continuously with our main fruit tree supplier - Pepinieres du Valois, Villers-Cotterets, France - from then until the present day. We have also supplied tree stakes over most of this period, and have worked with our present supplier, DWS Desindo  Wood Supply (as agents), since 1992.


The Nuvar® Project, which deals with some new apple and pear varieties, went “live” with the creation of the www.nuvar.net website in 2004.


 The Farm Folk Books series was launched in 1984, with the publication of 3 titles - there are currently ten titles available.